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 2000 - 106th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 2 - Appropriations
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Agriculture Spending Bill Sparks Fiery Debate On International Sanctions
Bill for Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services Becomes Vehicle for 11th-Hour Omnibus Package
Commerce, Justice and State Bill Combines With Controversial Social Riders to Delay Funding for D.C.
Congress Clears Interior Bill With Big, Bipartisan Increase For Public Lands
Congress Rewrites Energy-Water Bill After Missouri River Dispute Draws Veto
Emergency Spending Bill Beefs Up Military Readiness, Disaster Aid, Drug War Funds
Following a Lengthy Immigration Debate, Congress Passes Omnibus Package Securing Funding for Commerce, Justice and State Departments
Lawmakers Camouflage Some Defense Funds As “Emergency” Spending
Lawmakers Grant President's Foreign Aid Request, Yield On Family Planning Issue
Legislative Branch Bill's Tortuous Path Ends With Its Inclusion in Omnibus Package
Longest Appropriations Cycle in Five Years Ends With Omnibus Spending Bill
Military Construction Bill Is First Finished, Includes Kosovo Peacekeeping Funds
More Than 1,000 Earmarks Adorn Bill for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development; Housing Gets Big Boost
Transportation Bill Increases Construction Funds, Sets Standard for Drunken Driving
Treasury-Postal Bill Clears After First Version Falls To Presidential Veto