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 1999 - 106th Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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Bumpers' Conclusion: The People `Are Calling on You To Rise Above Politics . . . Above Partisanship'
GOP Response: Tax Relief, Social Security Overhaul Are `Practical' Priorities
House Speaker Hastert Swearing-in Ceremony, 1999
House's Rationale for Witnesses: Testimony 'Will Lend Greater Coherence and Understanding'
Hyde's Summation: `We Must Never Tolerate One Law for the Ruler And Another for the Ruled'
Members of the 106th Congress, 1st Session, Governors, Justices, Cabinet-Rank Officers
Presidential Statement: Clinton Signs Omnibus Bill, Says It Funds Crucial Programs While Upholding Fiscal Discipline
Presidential veto message: Clinton Objects To Provisions On U.N., Community Policing In Commerce-Justice-State Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects D.C. Spending Bill's 'Unwarranted Intrusions' in Local Decisions
Presidential veto message: Clinton Says Foreign Operations Bill Endangers National Security
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Says GOP Tax Bill 'Would Leave America Permanently in Debt'
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Bill for Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services, Condemns Cuts for Education and Medical Research
Public Laws, 106th Congress, 1st Session
The State of the Union: Clinton Offers Proposals on Education, Retirement Security, Health Care, Urges Nation To 'Aim Higher'