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 1999 - 106th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 2 - Appropriations
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$2.5 Billion Legislative Spending Bill Includes Funds for Staff Raises
Accounting Tricks Exempt $21 Billion of Defense Bill From Spending Caps
After a Year of Partisan Bickering, Congress and the President Agree On an 11th Hour Spending Package
After Initial Veto, GOP and Clinton Split the Differences On Commerce-Justice-State
After Two Vetoes, D.C. Bill Becomes Vehicle for Omnibus Spending Package
Compromise Boosts Funds For Veterans' Health Care, Provides Hurricane Relief
Congress Grants Most Of Clinton's Requests in Transportation Spending Bill
Congress Rejects Clinton's Incremental Spending Plan For Military Construction
Dispute Over Education Leads to Veto; Final Deal Wrapped Into Omnibus Bill
Energy-Water Bill Clears After House Leaders Dredge Up More for Water Projects
GOP Leaders See Emergency Spending Bill as Opportunity To Beef Up Defense Budget
President Accepts Limits on Family Planning Funds in Exchange for Other Priorities
President Wins on Lands Initiative, Elimination of Most Riders in Interior Bill
Putting Differences Aside, Lawmakers Clear $69 Billion Agriculture Spending Bill
Treasury-Postal Service Bill Includes Pay Raise for Next White House Resident