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 1997 - 105th Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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'I Have a Moral Obligation to Pay...Out of Personal Funds'
Attorney General Details Reasons For Rejecting Call for Counsel
Characteristics of Congress
Congressional Committees
Congressional Committees
Excerpts of Counsel Report In Gingrich Ethics Case
Excerpts of Findings In Gingrich Case
Federal Retirement Provision Draws Line-Item Pen
Gingrich Sets Inclusive Tone, Attacks Drugs, Ignorance
GOP Leaders Extol Tax Cuts, Other Budget Deal Features
Gore Discusses Fundraising, His Role in the Campaign
House Committee Assignments
Inaugural Address: Clinton Outlines His Vision For a New Century
Members of Congress, Governors, Justices, Cabinet-Rank Officers, 1997
President's Budget Message: Clinton Announces 'A Principled Compromise'
Presidential Address to U.N.: Clinton calls for 'new era' of peace and economic oppurtunity
Presidential Statement: Clinton Details Five Key Elements For Teen Smoking Legislation
Presidential statement: Clinton Says He Is Still Confident Of Fast Track Trade's Ultimate Passage
Presidential veto message: Clinton -- cuts won't harm nation's defense
Presidential veto message: Clinton Details Reasons for Using New Veto Power on Three Items
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Outlines Reasons For Defense Veto Items
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Supplemental Disaster Relief, 1997
Presidential Veto Message: President Repeats Objections To Abortion Measure
Public Laws, 105th Congress, 1st Session
Senate Committee Assignments
Seniority in the House
Seniority in the Senate
The Legislative Process in Brief
The State of the Union: Clinton Focuses on Education, Working With GOP on Budget
Watts Asks Voters To Demand Balanced-Budget Amendment