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 1997 - 105th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 8 - Defense and Foreign Policy
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Albright Wins Endorsement As Secretary of State
China Critics Lose on Trade Vote
Clinton Signs Defense Bill Despite Veto Threat
Cohen Wins Speedy Approval As New Defense Secretary
Conventional Forces Treaty Amendment Approved
Helms Blocks Weld's Ambassador Bid
Hill Receives Military Report Cards
House Shelves Persecution Bill
Intelligence Bottom Line Disclosed
NATO Expansion Forges Ahead
Other China Bills Wait in Wings
Other Defense, Foreign Policy Appointments
Other Defense-Related Legislation
Pete Peterson Confirmed As Envoy to Vietnam
Richardson Named to U.N. Post
Senate Ratifies Chemical Arms Pact
State Department Authorization Stalls
Tenet Wins CIA After Lake Pulls Out
Test Ban Treaty Submitted For Senate Ratification
Tug of War Over Trade Sanctions
U.S. Refuses To Sign Land Mine Ban