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 1997 - 105th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - Education, Housing, Labor and Veterans
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Budget Cuts
Charter Schools
Children's Literacy
Democrats Block Comp Time Bill
Denial of Burial Rights
Disability Appeals
Education Savings Accounts
GOP Sharpens Focus on Teamsters
Health Insurance Payments
Herman Wins Labor Post Despite Controversy
House Panel Votes To Overhaul Programs for Homeless
HUD Cost Reductions Made Permanent
Job Preference
Lawmakers Strike Compromise On Disabled Students Bill
No Agreement on Training Bills
No Consensus on Housing Overhaul
Other Labor-Related Measures Considered in 1997
Other Legislation Related To Education
Partisan Bickering Stalls Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Aimed at Promoting Workplace Health
Private Lenders Get Bigger Role In Student Loan Consolidation
Private School Aid Bills Blocked by Critics
School Vouchers
Senate Overwhelmingly Endorses Cuomo as HUD Secretary
Student Loan Cutbacks
Tax Incentives Enacted For Higher Education
Togo West Is Confirmed As VA Secretary
Vets Programs Modified, Health Needs Targeted