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 1997 - 105th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 5 - Law and Judiciary
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1997 Supreme Court Decisions
Alaska's Open Primary
Asset Seizures
Brady Gun Control Law
Cable TV
Clinton Names ‘Acting’ Civil Rights Chief
Drug Czar's Office
Endangered Species Act
Federal Judicial Circuits To Be Examined
GOP Relaxes Stance on Immigration
GOP Rethinks Affirmative Action Plan
House Panel Again Considers Prayer Amendment
House Panel Approves Anti-Cloning Bill
House Panel Votes To Limit Federal Judges' Powers
House Supports Amendment Barring Flag Desecration
Internet ‘Indecency’
Line-Item Veto
Mandatory Minimum Sentences
Minority Districts
Myriad Disputes Slow Progress Of GOP Juvenile Crime Bills
Other Closely Watched Cases
Religious Freedom
Senate Under Fire for Slow Pace On Judicial Nominations
Sex Offenders
Term Limits
Victims' Rights
Victims' Rights, Minimum Sentences, and Sex Crimes Addressed in 1997 Crime Legislation
Volunteer Protection
War Crimes
Witness Protection