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 1996 - 104th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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The State of the Union: Clinton Aims for the Center, Praises GOP Themes
Senator's Committee Assignments
Sen. Dole Urges Return of Power to People, Smaller Government
Representing the Entire American Family
Representatives' Committee Assignments
Questions and Answers In the Gingrich Case
Public Laws, 104th Congress, 2nd Session
Prosperity, Self Government And ‘Moral Clarity’
Presidential Veto Message: Threat to Women's Health Cited in Abortion Veto
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton: Bill Would Undercut U.S. Leadership Abroad
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Overhaul, Cites Welfare-to-Work Provisions
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Defense Bill, Cites National Security Concerns
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton rejects Product Liability Bill Over Consumer, State Issues
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects Management, Labor ‘Teamwork’ Bill
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Says Welfare Bill Is ‘Real Step Forward’
Presidential Address: ‘We Have Work to Do,’ Proclaims Clinton
President's Budget Message: Clinton Outlines Priorities For Fiscal 1997 Spending
Perot: ‘You Are Setting The Agenda for ‘96’
Nomination Acceptance: Clinton Describes His Path to the 21st Century
Members of the 104th Congress, 2nd Session Governors, Justices, Cabinet Rank Officers
Jackson Calls for Unity, ‘New Moral Center’
Gore Calls Democratic Ticket ‘A Bridge to the Future’
Gingrich Responds to Allegations
Gen. Powell Addresses ‘Party of Lincoln’
Freedom Will Restore The American Dream
First Lady Sounds Themes Of Family, Children
Dole: Resignation Will Mean The White House or Home
Dole Thanks Supporters, Vows to Stay Involved
Building With Broad Planks, Unaccustomed Harmony
A ‘Plain Speaking Man’ Calls for Change
‘No Triumph Without Tears’ In the Buchanan Party