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 1996 - 104th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 1 - Inside Congress
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Term Limits Measure Fails in Senate
Panel Issues Whitewater Report
Members Organize for 105th Congress
McDade Acquitted in Bribery Trial
Lott Succeeds Dole as Senate Leader
Gingrich Subject of Ethics Probe
Ex-Rep. Tucker Convicted of Fraud, But Most Members Investigated By Ethics Committee Cleared
Edmund Muskie: A Lifelong Career of Public Service
Dole Ends 35-Year Career on Hill
Congress Rejects Pay Increase, Lobbying Amendment, Backs Reauthorization of Federal Election Commission (FEC)
Congress Alters Internal Rules, Makes Personnel Changes
Committees Clarify Ethics Rules
Clinton Announces Cabinet Changes
Campaign Finance Bill Rejected
Barbara Jordan Dies at 59
As Elections Loom, GOP Ardor Gives Way to Pragmatism
‘Travelgate,’ FBI Files Spur Inquiry