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 1993 - 103rd Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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Whitman Defeats New Jersey's Gov. Florio
The Committees: Influence and Power
Seniority In The Senate
Seniority in the House
Senators’ Phone and Room Directory
Senators’ Committee Assignments
Republican Response: President Criticized On Plan's Details
Republican Response: Michel Urges Americans To Question Direction
Representatives’ Phone and Room Directory
Representatives’ Committee Assignments
Redrawn Minority Districts Face Challenges
Public Laws, 103rd Congress, 1st Session
Pronunciation Guide
Presidential News Conference: Clinton says Haiti must put ‘Democracy Back on Track’
Presidential News Conference: Clinton nominates Ginsburg to Supreme Court
Presidential News Conference: Clinton announces policy on illegal immigration
Presidential Letter: Clinton Questions Bill Amendments
Presidential Address: President-Elect Clinton Reassures Allies
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Passage Of Free-Trade Pact
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Participation In National Service
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Congress To Seize ‘Magic Moment’ of Reform
Presidential Address: Clinton Outlines His Plan To Spur the Economy
Presidential Address: Clinton Describes Retaliation Against Iraqi Complex
Presidential Address: Clinton Calls For Honest Look At U.N.'s Global Challenges
Presidential Address: Clinton Announces Plan To Ease Business Credit
Presidential Address: Clinton Announces Compromise On Gays In Military
Presidential Address: Clinton -- More Troops Needed For Safe Somalia Pullout
Perot Tries To Hold On to Influence
Nomination Hearings: Ginsburg Adroit, Amiable But Avoids Specifics
Leaders in ‘Defining Drama’ Express Hope for New Era
Inaugural Address: Call for change main theme in brief inaugural speech
GOP's Allen Takes Virginia In Surprise Landslide
Executive Orders: Clinton's edicts point blade at executive branch
Court Documents: Former Postmaster Pleads Guilty; Documents Detail Alleged Scam
Characteristics of Congress
Ballots Again Cast for Change
1992 Election: District Vote for President