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 1989 - 101st Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 5 - Government and Commerce
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Age Discrimination Waivers
Alfred C. Sikes Confirmed As Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission
Amtrak Authorization
Authorization for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) Imposes Regulations on Futures Trading
Aviation Security
Blind Air Travelers
Campaign-Ad Costs
Cason Nomination Dies
Coast Guard Activities
Crop Yields
Deceptive Mail Curbs
Derwinski Heads VA
Dole Heads Labor
Drug-Testing Measures
Eastern Strike Solution Eludes Lawmakers
Fairness Doctrine
Farm Program Changes
Farmers Gain Disaster-Relief Benefits
Federal ‘Whistleblowers’ Get Legal Protections
Federal Indian Programs Focus of Senate Review
Federal Regulatory Agencies, 1989
Hatch Act Changes
Helping Federal Workers
Improving Children's TV Moves Slowly in 1989
Indian Law Enforcement
Indian Museum
Job Training Act
Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) of Airlines Limited Under House Measure
Local Rail Assistance
Maritime Commission
Minimum-Wage Impasse Finally Ended
Parental-Leave Measures Gain Panels’ Approval
Pension Reversions
Pesticide Proposal
Phone Rates Abuse
Police Officers for D.C.
Postal Service Changes
Rural-Development Bills Stalled by Differences
Section 89 Tax Rules Repealed in 1989
Telemarketing Fraud
Truck Stop Drugs
Veterans’ Bill Excludes Agent Orange Provisions
Waste Hauling Measures
Yeutter to Agriculture