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 1987 - 100th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 11 - Economic Policy
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Budget OKs $19.3 Billion in New Taxes
Commemorative Coins
Congress Acts to Shore Up Pension Protection
Congress and White House Hold Economic Summit
Congress Criticizes Toshiba
Congress Limits Waiting Period for Cash Withdrawals Following Check Deposits
Congress Orders Labor Department to Construct a Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Elderly
Credit-Card Rates
Davis-Bacon Amendments
Debt Limit Bill/Gramm Rudman ‘Fix’ Clears
Economic Policy 1987: Overview
Fears About S&L Insurance Fund Spur Rescue
Ginnie Mae Fees Blocked
Greenspan Replaces Volcker
House and Senate Pass Omnibus Trade Bill
House Approves Textile Bill
House Bars Most Polygraph Tests for Workers
House Passes Bill Requiring Savings Accounts Advertisers to Reveal Any Conditions Which Could Lower Maximum Yields
House Passes Double-Breasting Restrictions
Housing Authorization Clears at Last Minute
Iranian Imports Ban
Mclaughlin Heads Labor
Minimum-Wage Increase
Parental-Leave Bill
Plant-Closing Measures
Rail Unemployment Funds
Reagan Requests $1 Trillion for Fiscal 1988
Reconciliation Bill Raises Taxes, Cuts Spending
Risk-Notification Legislation Passed by House
U.S. and Canada Trade Agreement