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 1987 - 100th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 10 - Health/Education/Welfare
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$443 Million Homeless Aid Bill Authorized
‘Gray Market’ for Drugs
After Struggle, House Passes Welfare Reform
Authorization for National Science Foundation (NSF) Funds Research, Antarctic Exploration
Child-Abuse Bill
Congress Moves Against Unscrupulous Doctors
Congress OKs Medicare Cuts, Medicaid Changes
Congress Passes Catastrophic-Costs Measure
Congress Reauthorizes Older Americans Act
Congress Stalemated Over AIDS Epidemic
Congress Stiffens Nursing Home Regulation
Disability Appeals Protected
Education Bill Passes Both Chambers
Emergency Homeless Aid
Family Planning Legislation
Food Stamp Eligibility
Health/Education/Welfare 1987: Overview
House Passes HMO bill to Encourage Greater Payment Flexibility
Indian Health Care
Infant-Health Bills Pass
Long-Term Care Legislation
Omnibus Health Bill Clears
Orphan-Drug Legislation
Programs for Handicapped
Senate Confirmation Required for Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Shielding Charity Aid
Vaccine Compensation