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 1985 - 99th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 5 - Law/Judiciary
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‘Designer Drug’ Ban
‘Grove City’ Civil Rights Measure Stalled
Abortion Amendments
Armor-Piercing Bullets
Attorneys' Fees
Balanced-Budget Plans
Bank Bribery
Beer Industry Antitrust Bill
Constitutional Convention
Cooper Nomination
Drunken Driving
Federal Gun Law
Intercircuit Tribunal
Justice Dept. Authorization
Law/Judiciary 1985: Overview
Legal Services Corporation
Meese Confirmed After Delay of 13 Months
Military Malpractice Suits
Nuclear Plant Security
Patent Fee Curb
Reagan Nears Carter Record in Naming Judges
Refugee Assistance
Reynolds Nomination
Sanctuary for Salvadorans
Senate Rejects Bill to Permit School Prayer
Senate Votes to Revamp Immigration Laws
Sentencing Commission