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 1985 - 99th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 10 - General Government
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Bicentennial of Constitution
Congress Staves Off Reagan Plan to Ax the Small Business Administration (SBA)
D.C. Vote Amendment Dies
Earthquake, Fire Programs
Federal Health Benefits Veto
Flexitime Extended
General Government 1985: Overview
Hostage Compensation
House Passes Pay Equity
Landsat Commercialization
Limiting Smoking
Members Extend New Pension Plan Deadline
Membership of Federal Regulatory Agencies in 1985
Military Crash Benefits
Missing Children's Bill
Museum Funds Denied
NASA Authorization
NBS Authorization Cleared
New War Memorials
Nominations: Major Changes in Reagan Team
Office Closing Notice
Official U.S. Flower
Pay Rules Modified
Presidential Libraries
Travel Expenses
Uniform Poll-Closing Time
VA Health Cost Containment Bill Clears
VA Mortgage Overhaul
Veterans' COLA Clears
Veterans' Court Review
Veterans' Job Preference
Whistleblower Awards