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 1982 - 97th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 12 - Congress and Government
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Capitol Historical Society
Congress and Government 1982: Overview
Congress Cool to Reagan's ‘New Federalism’
Congressional Pay Raise
Congressional Tax Breaks
Contract Disputes Veto
D.C. Federal Payment
Debt Collection Act
Earthquake Hazards Bill
Federal Employee Pay
Financial Integrity Act
Flexitime Extended
Franking Law Changes
Freedom of Information Act
Groundless Page Sex Charges Prompt Reforms
Hart Building Opens
House Bicentennial Office
House Chaplain Vote
Indian Claims Legislation
King Memorial Approved
Mail Fraud Bill Fails to Clear
NASA Authorization
NOAA Authorization Fails
NSF Authorization
Olympic Coins
OMB Funds Study Mandated
Prompt Pay Act
Reconciliation Cut Federal Retirees' COLAs
Regulatory Reform Bill Stalled in House
Reports to Congress Cut
Roosevelt Memorial
Sen. Williams Resigns, Averts Expulsion
Senate TV Bill Died
Small Business Research Bill Survives Critics
Smithsonian Museum
Surplus Property Donation
Tax-Exempt Aid
Uniform Relocation Act