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 1982 - 97th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 11 - Health/Education/Welfare
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Animal Welfare
Asbestos Compensation
Child Nutrition Programs
Cigarette Labeling
Congress Rejects Proposed Student Aid Cuts
Congress Votes Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid
Conservation Corps
Disabled Veterans Get Cost-of-Living Hike
Drug, Alcohol Research
ED Dismantlement
Education Bills Vetoed
Education Regulations
Health Planning System
Health Promotion
Health/Education/Welfare 1982: Overview
Incentives for ‘Orphan Drug’ Makers Voted
Jobs for Older Americans
More Changes Made in Food Stamp Program
National Institutes of Health
New GI Bill Proposals
NIOSH Transfer
Quality of Teaching
Radiation Compensation
Science Education
Tuition Tax Credit
Veterans' Health Programs
Welfare Spending Cuts