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 1982 - 97th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 10 - Environment
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Wolf Trap Reconstruction
WEB Pipeline Project
Water Rights Bill Vetoed
Water Resources Bill Dies
Urgent Reclamation Repairs
Timber Relief Bill Fails
Sikes Act Amendments
Risk Analysis Legislation
Reagan Vetoes EPA Research Authorization
RCRA Reauthorization Dies
Oil, Gas Royalty Collection
Oil Spill Liability Limits
Offshore Leasing Revenues
Ocean Dumping Legislation
No Clean Water Act Rewrite
National Trails Legislation
National Park Visitor Facilities
National Park Protection Bill
Mount St. Helens Measure
Interstate Waste Compact
Gorsuch Cited for Contempt of Congress
Georgia Wilderness Bill
Florida Keys Exchange
Environment 1982: Overview
Endangered Species Act Reauthorized
Deep Seabed Mining Bill
Dam Safety Repair Bill Dies
Congress Fails to Act on Clean Air Rewrite
Congress Clears RARE II Wilderness Bills
Congress Clears Barrier Islands Legislation
Congress Bans Wilderness Oil, Gas Leasing
CEQ Funds/Oil Leasing Ban
Central Arizona Project