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 1981 - 97th Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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Few Reagan Nominees Meet Serious Trouble
Inaugral Address: Reagan's 1981 Inaugural Address
Off-Year Contests Focus on Reaganomics
Oil Deregulation
Presidential Address: Carter's Farewell Address
Presidential Address: Reagan on Foreign Policy, North Atlantic Treaty Alliance
Presidential Address: Reagan's Address on Economy
Presidential Address: Reagan's Economic Policy, Nation in Poor Economic Condition
Presidential Address: Reagan's Economic Proposals
Presidential Address: Reagan's Report on the Nation's Economic Situation
Presidential Budget Message: Carter's Fiscal 1982 Budget Message
Presidential Statement: Carter Recommends Federal Pay Raise
Presidential Statement: Carter Reports on U.S.-Iran Agreement on Release of American Hostages
Presidential Statement: Reagan Announces Nuclear Arms Decisions
Presidential Statement: Reagan Assures Senate About AWACS Sale
Presidential Statement: Reagan Immigration/Refugee Policy
Presidential Statement: Reagan Outlines Iran Claims Settlement
Presidential Statement: Reagan Pay Raise Proposal
Presidential Statement: Reagan Reaction To AWACS Vote
Presidential Statement: Reagan Requests Veterans' Education Assistance
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Nuclear Policy
Presidential Statement: Remarks on Strategic Nuclear Weapons
Presidential Statement: Soviet Grain Embargo Lifted
Presidential Veto message: Reagan Vetoes Bankruptcy Bill
Presidential Veto message: Reagan Vetoes Continuing Appropriations
Public Laws, 97th Congress, 1st Session
Stand-Pat Supreme Court Defers to Others
State of the Union: Carter's Address, 1981