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 1980 - 96th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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1980 Democratic Platform Text
1980 Republican Platform Text
Acceptance Speeches: Reagan: ‘Time to Recapture Our Destiny’
Bush Acceptance
Bush Brings Youth, Regional Balance to Ticket
Bush's Key Votes in the House, 1967–70
Carter Acceptance Speech Text
Carter Supports Minority Plank Ideals
Divided Democrats Renominate Carter
GOP Wins Senate Control For First Time in 28 Years
High Court's 1979–80 Term Defies Label
House Membership in the 97th Congress
Iran Rescue Mission
Key Ballots at the 1980 Democratic Convention
Official 1980 Presidential Election Results
Presidential Address: Carter's Anti-Inflation Address
Presidential Address: Reagan to Congress on Iran Hostage Rescue Mission
Presidential Budget Message: Carter's Message, January 1980
Presidential Budget Message: Carter's Revised Budget, FY 1981
Presidential Statement: Carter Approval of Nuclear Fuel for India
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposal for Utility Coal Conversion
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes to Deny Broadcast Tax Deduction
Presidential Statement: Carter's Economic Report, January 1980
Presidential Statement: Carter's Foreign Aid Authorization
Presidential Statement: Carter's Gasoline Rationing Plan
Presidential Statement: Carter's NRC Reorganization Amendments
Presidential Statement: Carter's NRC Reorganization, Plan No. 1
Presidential Statement: Carter's Nuclear Waste Program
Presidential Statement: Carter's Proposed Revenue Sharing Program Extension
Presidential Statement: Carter's Second Session Agenda
Presidential Statement: Carter's Territorial Policy
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Alaska Railroad Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Chippewa Land Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Military Doctor Pay
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Oil Import Fee
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes State-Justice Funds
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Tourism Policy
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes VA Physicians' Pay
Public Laws, 96th Congress, 2nd Session
Reagan Buries Carter in a Landslide
Reagan Melds Acting Ability With His Prowess in Politics
Republicans Make Substantial House Gains
Republicans Nominate Reagan, Bush
Republicans Pick Up Four Of Nation's Statehouses
Republicans Stall Late Carter Appointments
Returns for Governor, Senate and House
Senate Membership in the 97th Congress
State of the Union: Carter's Address, 1980
Text of Debate Between Carter and Reagan
Years of Expiration of Senate Terms