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 1980 - 96th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 12 - Environment
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Alaska Railroad Bill Vetoed
Campeche Bay Oil Spill
Coastal Zone Management Revamped
Congress Clears ‘Superfund’ Legislation
Congress Clears Alaska Lands Legislation
Deep Seabed Mining Cleared by Congress
Desalination Plant
Drinking Water Deadlines
Endangered Species Funds
Environment 1980: Overview
EPA FY 80 Research Funds
EPA FY 81 Research Funds
EPA Noise Control Programs
EPA Powers Over Illegal Dumping Increased
Federal Pesticides Rules
Fish and Wildlife Grants
Fish and Wildlife Protection
Industrial Cost Recovery Provision Repealed
Kalaupapa Park Bill
Marine Protection Act
National Parks Bills Cleared
Rare II Wilderness Bills
Scenic Trails and Rivers
Sea Grant Program
Strip Mining Amendments
Toxic Substances Control Act
Water Policy Reform
Water Research Extension
Western Water-Use Reform Bill Dies in House