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 1980 - 96th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 11 - Congress and Government
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‘Abscam’ Scandal Clouded Congress' Image
‘Sunset’ Legislation
‘Supergrade’ Bonuses
Administrative Law Judges
Army LSD Case
Arts and Humanities
Bauman Morals Charge
Bayh Franking Violation
Capitol Hill Real Estate
Capitol Hill Sex Bias
Carney Indictment
Committee Reorganization
Congress and Government 1980: Overview
Congressional Chaplains
Congressional Paperwork
Consultant Contract Abuse
Crime in SBA Program?
Debt Collection
Diggs Resignation
Disabled Vets' Cost-of-Living
District Housing Bonds
Earthquake Preparedness
Election Law Amendment
Equal Rights on Hill
Executive Reorganization
FEC Authorization
Federal Disaster Relief
Federal Grants-in-Aid
Federal Leasing Reform
Federal Pay Raise
Flood Pleads Guilty
GAO Personnel System
GAO Subpoena Powers
Government Efficiency
GPO Reorganization
GSA Lawsuit
Handicapped U.S. Workers
Hart Office Building
House Subpoena Procedure
House Television System
Industrial Technology Act
Inspectors General
Insurance Benefits
Judges' Pay Upheld
Leach, Daschle Challenges
Limits on House Speeches
Lobby Disclosure
Maine Indians' Land
Minnesota Claim Vetoed
Moapa Indians' Land
National Science Foundation
National Ski Patrol
National Standards Bureau
Official Expenses Definition
PAC Spending
Postal Subsidies
Presidential Debate Rules
Probe of ‘Phantom’ Voting
Proxmire Libel Suit
Regulatory Flexibility Act
Regulatory Reform
Rep. Charles H. Wilson
Retirees' Spouses' Benefits
SBA Authorization
Secret Service Protection
Sen. Morgan Exonerated
Sen. Talmadge
Senate Official Expenses
Senate Restaurant Union
Senators' Legal Defense
Small Business Miscellany
South Africa Influence Probe
Spouse's Right to Know
Supreme Court Lot
Travel Allowance Increase
Ute Indians Land
Year-end Spending