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 1979 - 96th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 9 - Health/Education/Welfare
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Abortion Restrictions
ACTION Authorization
Alcohol Abuse Programs
Asbestos in Schools
Child Nutrition Programs
Congress Creates Department of Education
Disabled Veterans' Benefits
Doctors Unionization
Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse Programs
Drug Law Revision
Emergency Medical Services
Food Stamp Spending
Handicapped Job Bias
Health Planning System Extended for 3 Years
Health/Education/Welfare 1979: Overview
Higher Education Programs
Home Heating Assistance
House Kills Carter Hospital Cost Control Plan
House Passes Child Health Assurance Bill
House Rejects Anti-Busing Amendment
Military Doctor Bonuses
National Health Insurance
Nurse Training Aid
Refugee Education Aid
Social Security Disability
Student Loan Interest Rates
Veterans' Education Benefits
Veterans' Health Bill
Vietnam Vets Counseling
Welfare Reform