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 1979 - 96th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - Law Enforcement/Judiciary
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Antitrust Damages
Attorneys' Fee Awards
Bankruptcy Loophole Closed
Bert Lance Indicted
Carter Patent Law Proposal
Carter Warehouse Probe
Civil Rights Commission
Computer Fraud
Congress Clears LEAA Reorganization Plan
Constitutional Convention
Court Improvement
Customs Court Revision
Dispute Resolution Act
Drug Loophole
FBI Charter Proposal
Federal Death Penalty
Housing Discrimination
JFK, King Assassinations
Jordan Cocaine Probe
Judicial Discipline Bill
Justice Authorization
Law Enforcement/Judiciary 1979: Overview
Lottery Materials Shipments
Magistrates' Jurisdiction
Newsroom Search Bills
Oil Company Mergers
Prosecution Diversion Bill
Rights of Institutionalized
Senate Judiciary Approves ‘Illinois Brick’ Bill
Senate Judiciary Reports Criminal Code Bill
Small Business Patents
Speedy Trial Rules Delayed
Supreme Court Jurisdiction