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 1979 - 96th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 10 - Congress and Government
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California's Wilson Charged
Campaign Law Overhaul
Carter Election Package Fails to Advance
Censure of Rep. Diggs
Chanceries Act Veto
Civil Service Authorization
Congress and Government 1979: Overview
Congressional Perks
District of Columbia Bills
Electoral College Revision
Ethics Law Weakened by Fears of Job Exodus
Federal Contracting
Federal Financial Disclosure
Federal Procurement Policy
Filibuster Rules Change
Franking Limits
GAO Personnel System
GAO Subpoena Powers
Hill Financial Disclosure
House Committee Changes
John Wayne Medal
Lobby Reform Bill
Martin Luther King Holiday
NASA 1979 Supplemental
NASA Authorization
NSF Authorization
PAC Contribution Limits
Postal Arbitration Bill
Postal Service Safety
Postal Subsidy Increase
Public Campaign Funds
Regulatory Reform
Reorganization Plans
SBA Authorization
Senate Income Limit
Silver Dollar Sale Approved
Small Business Regulations
Small Newspaper Postage
Survivors Benefits
Talmadge Denounced