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 1978 - 95th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 8 - Transportation/Commerce
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‘Pothole’ Repair Bill Dies
Additional Funds for ConRail
Airline Noise Control Bill
Carter Dealt Major Defeat on Consumer Bill
Carter Signs $54 Billion Highway Bill
Coast Guard Authorization
Congress Clears Airline Deregulation Bill
Consumer Co-op Bank
Consumer Participation Bill
Consumer/Business Disputes
Electronic Banking Services
FCC Powers - Cable TV
Fiscal 1979 Amtrak Subsidy
Fishermen's Protection Act
Foreign Shipping Rates
Fraudulent Mail Solicitation
Freight Rail Lines Aid
FTC Reorganization
Home Insulation Safety
Intercoastal Shipping Rates
Investor Protection Act
Maritime Authorization
Minority-Owned Businesses
No-Fault Auto Insurance Bill Rejected
Postal Reform Bill Dies
Product Safety Agency
Public Broadcasting
Rail Public Counsel
Rebating Bill Vetoed
Small Business Bill Vetoed
Transportation Safety Board
Transportation, Commerce, and Consumers, 1978 Overview
Tris Ban Reimbursement
Truth in Lending Changes
U.S. Fish Processing Industry
U.S. Tuna Industry
Waterway User Tax Cleared in Final Days