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 1978 - 95th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 11 - Congress and Government
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‘Flexitime” Bill Cleared
Access to Agency Records
Amateur Sports Revamping
Carter Reorganization Plans
Carter Signs Government-Wide Ethics Bill
Civil Rights Commission
Congress and Government, 1978 Overview
Congress Approves Civil Service Reforms
Congress Ends 'Koreagate' Lobbying Probe
Customs Law Revision
D.C. Pensions Bill Vetoed
D.C. Representation
ERA Deadline Extended
Ethics and Crimes
Federal Information Centers
Franking Bill Dies
Guayule Rubber Research
Indian Legislation
Indian Preference Laws
Inspectors General Bill
NASA Authorization
Overseas Voting Rights
Part-Time Careers Bill
Presidential Papers
Public Financing, Campaign Spending Bills
R.I. Indian Claims
Science Authorization
Senate Administrator
Senate Inaction Kills Lobby Reform Bill
Senate Job Bias Plan
Smithsonian Authorizations
Sunset Legislation
Trade Commission Funds
U.S. Fire Administration
Vetoed Firefighters' Bill
White House Staff