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 1972 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 8 - Transportation and Communications
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$225-Million Authorized to Continue Amtrak
Assistance for Railroads
Balanced Transportation
Cargo Preference
Cargo Security
Charter Airline Tours
Coast Guard Commanders
Coast Guard Licensing
Commercial Air Carriers
Congress Approves $2.9-Billion for Transportation
Congress Clears Bill Requiring Stronger Auto Bumpers
Containerized Cargo Shipments
Dock Strike Settlement Voids Arbitration Bill
Equal Time Repeal
Freight Cars
Freight Express Companies
Ground Transportation
Highway Crossings
Independent Bus Lines
International Air Fares
Interstate Motor Carriers
Lack of House Quorum Kills Highway Aid Compromise
Local Air Service
Local Service Airlines
Maritime Authorization
Merchant Ship Construction
Motor Carriers' Annual Reports
Motor Vehicle Safety
NASA Authorization: $3.4-Billion for Fiscal 1973
Nixon Vetoes Added Assistance for Airports
Revised Public Broadcast Bill Passed after Veto
Ship Mortgage Insurance
Shipping Act Violations
Surface Transportation
Television Violence
Transpo '72
Transportation Strikes
U.S. Passenger Ships
U.S. Passenger Ships