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 1972 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 7 - Resources and Public Works
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AEC Authorization
Alaska Pipeline: Back to Court Despite Interior's OK
Bills Regulating Strip Mining Die in Senate
Buffalo National River
Bus Width
Buy America
Clean Water: Congress Overrides Presidential Veto
Clear Air Act Probe: Political Mileage for Eagleton
Coal-Leasing Moratorium
Continental Shelf
Council on Energy Policy
Eisenhower Center
Emergency Public Works
Environmental Compacts
Federal Building Construction
FHA Extension
Flood Control Projects
Forestry Incentives Program
Forestry Programs
Gas Pipeline Safety
House, Senate Committees Study Energy Supplies
Internal Combustion Engine
Natural Gas Shortage
Nixon Vetoes Extension of Public Works Act
Ocean Pollution
Oil and Gas Compact
Oil Pollution Act
Public Works Acceleration
Public Works Development
Puukohola Site
San Luis Valley Project
Seabed Mining
Sycamore Canyon Wilderness
Water Pollution Control
Water Resources Council
Wildlife Restoration