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 1972 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 6 - General Government
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1969 Environmental Act Survives Broad-Scale Attacks
Advisory Committees
Aide for Chief Justice
American Bicentennial
American Indian: Economic and Social Development
Amnesty: Repatriation for Draft Evaders, Deserters
Animal Control and Protection
Appeals Courts Circuits
Architecture Firm Selection
Arlington House
Bald Eagle Protection
Basketball Merger
Bicentennial Commission
Campaign Spending Act: Efforts to Amend Fail
Campaign Spending Reporting
Campaign Spending: House Approves Compromise, 334-20
Cape Kennedy Name
Cedar Keys
Cedar Keys
Census Confidentiality
Challenge to House Procedure
Civil Rights Commission
Clearcutting of Federal Timber
Coastal Zone Manacement Bill Clears in 1972
Coeur D'Alene Indian Lands
Commercial Fisheries
Congress Approves Measure to Reduce Excessive Noise
Congress Approves Moratorium on Sea Mammal Killing
Congress Clears Land and Water Conservation Bills
Congress Passes Far-Reaching Rural Development Act
Congress Raises Social Security Benefits 20 Percent
Cooly Trade Laws
Court of Claims Commissioners
Crime Victims
Cumberland National Seashore
D.C. Bus Subsidy
D.C. Home Rule
D.C. Representation
D.C.-Maryland-Virginia Accords
Dam Safety Inspection
Damage Caused by Space Objects
Death Penalty
Delaware Recreation Area
Disaster Relief
Dowdy Resolution
Electronic Eavesdropping
Electronic Voting in House
Employment for Senior Citizens
Environmental Data
Environmental Financing
Equal Rights: Amendment Passed Over Ervin Opposition
Expo '74
F.D.R. Memorial
Federal Court Jurisdiction
Federal Criminal Law Revision
Federal District Judgeships
Federal Land
Federal Lands Guidelines
Federal Surplus Property
Freedom of the Press
Golden Eagle Passport Program
Government Information Policies Held Inadequate
Gravel Case: Senate Interviews on Immunity Issue
Guam, Virgin Islands Delegates
Gun Control
Habeas Corpus
Hohokam Pima National Monument
House Crime Committee
House Employees' Pay
House Expands Powers of Subversive Control Board
House Modifies Rule on Nongermane Amendments
Hunting from Aircraft
Immigration Act
Indian Claims
Indian Claims Commission
Indian Protest
ITT Dispute Fails to Block Kleindienst Confirmation
Jellyfish Control
Jury Selection Act
Jury Service Age Requirement
Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile Justice Institute
Kidnapping Penalties Dropped
Kosciuszko National Memorial
Land Use Planning
Lassen Volcanic Wilderness Area
Lavelle Retirement
Lincoln Back Country
Mar-A-Lago Historic Site
Metric System
Mineral Research Centers
Mundt Assignments
NACOA Authorization
National Cemeteries
National Forest Volunteers
National Goals
National Land Use Policy Approved by Senate
National Park System
National Preservation Sites
National Science Foundation
Naturalization Fees
North Pacific Fisheries
Omnibus Crime Victims Bill Approved by Senate
Oregon Dunes
Parole Practices
Parole Reform
Pennsylvania Avenue Development
Pest Control
Polar Bear Moratorium
Political Polling
Postal Rates
Pre-Trial Rehabilitation
Predator Controls and Endangered Species
Presidential Primaries
Prison Grants
Prisoner Rehabilitation
Public Service Jobs
Reclamation Projects
Reconfirmation of Judges
Reforestation: $65-Million Annually Through 1987
Relocation Assistance
Runaway Youth Act
SACB Funds Cut in State-Justice-Commerce Bill
San Francisco Bay Wildlife
Sawtooth Recreation Area
Seal Harvest
Seaward Boundary Agreements
Select Committee on Privacy
Senate Office Addition
Senate Sergeant at Arms
Senators Speeches, Articles
Servicemen's Survivor Benefits
South Dakota Judicial District
Special Immigrant Visas
Technology Office
Telephone Bank
Timber Management
Tinicum Center
Tuna Fisheries
U.S. Magistrates
U.S. Magistrates Salaries
U.S. Marshals' Pay
Uniform Time Act
Voter Registration: Senate Rejects Nationwide Plan
Voting Rights Enforcement
Washington, D.C., Metro Bonds
Week of Concern
Widows of Supreme Court Justices
Wild Areas