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 1972 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 5 - Foreign Policy
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'73 Foreign Aid Authorization Dies in Conference
'73 Foreign Aid Funds: Impasse Over Military Assistance
Accords with Portugal Bahrain
Air Defenses
Bangladesh Recognition
Boundary Treaty with Mexico
CIA Reports
Continuing Foreign Aid
Diplomatic Privileges
Executive Agreements
Executive Agreements: A Growing Issue in 1972
Export Administration Act Gets Two-Year Extension
Foreign Aid: $2.6-Billion Approved for Fiscal 1972
Foreign Aid: Authorization Cleared After Long Delay
Foreign Service Officers
Foreign Travel Restriction
Gas Merger
Information On Vietnam
International Development Aid
Naval Ship Loans
Olympic Resolution
Origins of the Vietnam War
Protection of Foreign Officials
Radio Free Europe—FY '72
Seabed Arms Treaty
Seized Fishing Boats
Senate Approves Treaty with USSR Limiting ABM Systems
Senate Passes Bill Defining Constitutional War Powers
South Pacific Commission
Soviet Grain Sale and Wheat Subsidy
State-USIA Authorization: Senate Debate on Vietnam
Trade Adjustment Assistance
Treaties Approved
Treaties Approved
Treaties Ratified
U.S.-Soviet Science Agreements
UN Environmental Fund
Vietnam Orphans
Vietnam Peace Terms
War Powers Resolution
World Power Alignments