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 1968 - 90th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 19 - Politics
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1968 Democratic Convention
1968 Republican Convention
6 Congressional Committees Get New Chairmen in 1969
Characteristics of American Voters in 1968
Chronology of Political Events: Nov. 1967—Nov. 1968
Complete Text of Humphrey's Acceptance Speech
Complete Text of Nixon's Acceptance Speech
Complete Text of the 1968 Democratic Platform
Complete Text of the 1968 Republican Platform
CQ Election Sidelights
Democrats Nominate Humphrey on First Ballot
Democrats Struggle Over Plank on Vietnam War
First Session Roll Calls—August 26–27
GOP Gains Only 4 House Seats, 26 Short of Control
GOP Increases Control to 31 Governorships
House Membership in the 91st Congress, 1st Session 243 Democrats, 192 Republicans
House Party Line-Up in the 91st Congress
Massive Staff Runs Nixon-Agnew Presidential Campaign
Muskie Nominated
Newcomers, Switched Seats and Losers
Nixon Chooses Agnew as Running Mate
Nixon Wins by Narrow Electoral, Popular Vote Margin; GOP Gains Governors; Democrats Hold Senate and House
Nixon Wins Presidency with 43% Of Popular Vote
Nixon's Race for Presidential Nomination Began in 1964
Platform Approved After Landmark Debate on Vietnam
Platform Backs President Johnson on Vietnam
Platform, Other Panel Reports Adopted Without Change
Record Number of Delegations are Challenged
Republicans Adopt Moderate Stance in 1968 Platform
Republicans Gain Five New Seats in U.S. Senate
Results of the 15 Presidential Primaries in 1968
Second Session Roll Calls—August 27–28
Senate Membership in the 91st Congress
Senate Popular Vote Returns in 1968 Elections
State-by-State Presidential Election Returns, 1856–1968
State-By-State Review of Election Results
Text of the American Independent Party Platform
The Public Record of Richard M. Nixon
The Public Record of Spiro T. Agnew
Unit Rule Dropped
Violence Flares During Democratic Convention
Vote Group Analysis Reflects Traditional Patterns
Wallace's Platform Takes Tough Line on Crime