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 1966 - 89th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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$20.4 Million Allotted for Investigations
1965 Campaign Receipts, Spending Reported by 99 Groups
1965 Lobby Spending was Highest in 14 Years
1966 Elections–A Major Republican Comeback
1966 Presidential Nominations
331 New Lobbyist Registrations Filed in 1966
Asian Development Bank
Bills Introduced in 1966
Boosters Club Accused of Accepting ‘Tainted’ Money
Budget Message: Johnson Calls For Increased War Spending
Committees Study Invasion of Privacy
Contributors of $5,000 or More
Election Sidelights
Federal Paperwork
Financial Reports of 1965 Special House Elections
Gop Gains 8 Governorships in Major Shift of Control
GOP Won Control of 41% Of State Legislative Seats
Hearings in Otepka Case
House Bills
House Membership in the 90th Congress, 1st Session 248 Democrats, 187 Republicans
Johnson's Jan. 27 Economic Report
Ku Klux Klan Probe Completed
Major Investigations Undertaken in 1966
Message to Congress: Johnson on Consumer Interests
Message to Congress: Johnson on Crime and Law Enforcement
Message to Congress: Johnson on Natural Beauty
Message to Congress: Johnson on Transportation
Message to Congress: Johnson Proposes Broad Civil Rights Law
Message to Congress: Johnson Proposes Four-Year Terms, Electoral College Reform
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Food Aid For India
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Legislation to Improve Planning in Rural Areas
Message to Congress: on World Health and Education
Message to Congress: Proposes “Demonstration Cities” Program
Political Groups Report $10,893,450 Spending in 1965
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 1966
President Proposes Election Reform Bill, Requires Full Disclosure of Contributions and Income
President Requests Increased Benefits for Federal Employees
President Seeks Anti-Inflationary Action from Congress, Including Suspension of Tax Credit, Slower Depreciation
President Separates Economic and Military Assistance, Seeks Five-Year Authorization for Programs
President's Club Comes under Sharp GOP Criticism
President's Food for Freedom Message Stresses Export of Planned Surpluses for Dollars
Presidential Address: Johnson on Asian Policy Outlines Four Essentials for Peace
Pressure Groups Regard 1966 As Good Legislative Year
Public Laws, 89th Congress, 2nd Session
Registrations by Lobbyists
Republicans Capture Three New Seats In U.S. Senate
Republicans Score Net Gain of 47 House Seats
Retirements, Primary Defeats, Close Primary Races
Senate Bills
Senate Committee Studies Charges Against Dodd
Senate Membership in the 90th Congress
State of the Union: Johnson Reaffirms Commitments in Viet Nam
State-By-State Review of Election Results
Subcommittee Reports on Broadcast Rating Reforms
Text of Domestic Health and Education Message
Veto Message:Johnson Vetoes Seven Bills in 1966