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 1966 - 89th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 7 - General Government
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1966 Civil Rights Act dies in Senate
Administrative Procedures
Changes made in Campaign Finance Laws
Claims Procedures
Congress Reforms Federal Bail Procedures
Control of Firearms
Controversies Surround Rep. Adam Clayton Powell
D.C. Crime Bill Vetoed by President
D.C. Home Rule
D.C. Visitors Center
Desegregation Rules
Electoral Reform
Equal Employment
Federal Employees Get 2.9% Pay Increase
Federal Judgeships
Finance Committee Staff
Freedom of Information Bill Enacted
Further Steps Taken on Anticrime Legislation
Hatch Act Review
House Ethics Committee
House Rules
House Terms of Four Years Debated
Nearly Half of Congress Takes U.S.-Paid Trips
Obscenity Bills
Parcel Post Revisions
Postal Savings System
Reorganization of Congress Proposed
Reorganization Plans
Senate fails to Amend School Prayer Ruling
Senate Favors Suits on Church-State Issue
Senate lets Reapportionment Ruling Stand
U.S. Expositions
Uniform Observance of Daylight Saving Time
Vice Presidents House
White House Conference on Civil Rights