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 1966 - 89th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 5 - Education and Welfare
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‘Dognapping’ Bill Enacted After Heavy Lobbying
‘Packaging’ Bill Seeks Voluntary Action on Sizes
1966 Action
Aid to Veterinary Schools Authorized
Antipoverty Funds Reduced and Earmarked
Child Protection
Coal Mine Safety
College Construction, Student Loan Funds Increased
Congress Acts on Traffic and Auto Safety
Congress Approves ‘Cold War GI’ Benefits
Congress Strengthens Foreign Studies At U.S. Colleges
Drug Controls
Elementary Education Act Expanded
Government Role in Birth Control Expanded
Highway Safety Act
Hospital Modernization
House Votes on Open Housing, Rent Supplements
Housing, Demonstration Cities Bill Enacted
International Health
Library Expansion
Medicare Developments
Narcotic Addict Act Marks Change in Policy
National Science Agency
New Laws for Consumers Enacted
Problems of The Cities Highlighted
Railroad Retirement
Restricted Rent Supplements Funded by Bare Margin
Safety Law Enacted for Metal, Other Non-Coal Mines
School Milk, Lunch Programs Merged in Nutrition Act
Social Security Proposals
State Health Services
Teacher Corps
Tire Safety
Traffic, Auto Safety Act
Training Funds Provided for Allied Health Professions
Veterans' Payments