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 1966 - 89th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 10 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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‘Right to Work’ Repeal Again Loses in Senate
“Participations” Approved as Borrowing Device
1966 Tax Bill Provides Temporary Revenue Increases
Airport Program Extended
Bank Holding Company Act Exemptions Changed
Bank Merger Law Revised
Bank Supervision
Common-Site Picketing
Debt Limit
Defense Production Act
Employment Service
Expansion of Minimum Wage Law Approved
Federal Tax Lien Act
Freight Car Shortage
Funds Provided FNMA to Help Housing Industry
Inflationary Trend Highlights Economy
Interest Rates on Deposits at Banks Limited
Interstate Taxation
Investment Tax Credit Suspended
Manpower Training Act Amendments Passed
Mine Exploration
Numerous Tax Riders Added to Foreign Investors Law
Passenger Ship Safety
Patent Policy
President's Economic Report, Guideposts Hearings
Renegotiation Act
SBIC Regulation
Senate Passes Bill to End Airline Strike
Shipbuilding Subsidies
Small Business Funds
Technology Report
Transportation Department Created
Unemployment Compensation Changes Die in Conference
Urban Mass Transit Grants Extended