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 1964 - 88th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 7 - General Government
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‘Morally Offensive’ Mail
1964 Congressional Action
Action on HR 11049
Action on HR 8986
Administrative Council
Aid to Seneca Indians
Anti-Poll Tax Amendment Ratified By the States
Bureau of Standards
Campaign Investigations
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Congress Fails to Act on School Prayer Amendments
Congress Provides Funds for Alaska Earthquake Relief
Court Reapportionment Decree Challenged
D.C. Charity Bill
Death of Presidential Candidate
Dual Compensation
Emergency Relief Fund
Equal Time Broadcasts
First Federal Pay Bill Rejected; Compromise Enacted
Government Information
Historical Documents
Indian Constitutional Rights
Indigent Legal Aid
Kaiser Medal Rejected
Kennedy Cultural Center
National Arts Council
Only 2% of Southern Negroes in School with Whites
Presidential Inability and Vice Presidential Vacancies
Presidential Transition
Provisions of Civil Rights Act of 1964 (HR 7152–PL 88-352)
Puerto Rico Commission
Reorganization Act
Senate Defeats Filibuster, Passes Civil Rights Act, 73–27
Senate Rules Changes
Senate Votes Cloture on Civil Rights Bill, 71–29
Special Relief Programs
Sports Bribery
Transitional Grants