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 1964 - 88th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 10 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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$375 Million Authorized for Urban Transit Grants
Antitrust Decisions
Automation Commission and Manpower Reports
Bank Deposit Insurance
Bank Ownership Changes
Controls Over Stock Issues and Dealers Strengthened
Davis-Bacon Amendments
Debt Limit Increase
Excise Tax Extension
Federal Airport Funds
Hearings Held on Bills to Overhaul Federal Reserve
Hearings on Excise Structure
Interest Equalization Tax Enacted
Interstate Taxation
Minimum Wage
Overtime Pay
Patent Office Fees
Pressure Groups Help Kill Transportation Rate Bill
Private Ownership of Nuclear Fuels
Rail Settlement
Renegotiation Act
Senate Passes Tax Bill After Week of Debate and Voting
Service Contract Act
Ship Construction Subsidies
Small Business Investment
Supersonic Transport
Tax Reductions and Reforms Enacted
Television Commercials