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 1963 - 88th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 10 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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‘Hilton’ Tax Bill
Accelerated Public Works
Arbitration Award Made
Congress Imposes Arbitration In Rail Labor Dispute
Congress Provides $60 Million for Supersonic Transport
Congress Removes Silver Backing From Dollar Bills
Corporate, Excise Tax Rates Extended For Tenth Time
Deceptive Packaging
Duty-Free Allowance
Equal Pay Act for Women Enacted
Federal Airport Funds
Fisheries Research
Fishing Boat Subsidies
Foreign Air Fares
House Rebuffs Kennedy on Area Redevelopment Bill
House Rejects Recommittal; Votes Tax Cut, 271-155
House Rules Committee Blocks Youth Employment Bill
House Votes $11.2 Billion Tax Cut
Lumber Shipments
Manpower Training Act Amendments Passed
Maritime Arbitration
Mass Transit Bill Fails to Pass
Merger Policy
Quality Stabilization
Railroad Retirement Fund
Rate Regulation Controversy Renewed In 1963
SEC Study Submitted; Senate Approves Bill
Ship Insurance
Small Business Investment
Tax Bill May Lead to New Government Economic Role
Tax Threat Cuts Payments Deficit
Temporary Debt Limit Raised Three Times
Unemployment Taxes
Urban Transportation: Issues and Pressures