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 1959 - 86th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 9 - Miscellaneous and Administrative
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1959 Developments in Space Race
AEC Authorization
Airport Construction
Alaska-Hawaii Airport Grants
Alford Election
Antitrust Documents
Antitrust Enforcement
Atomic Icebreaker
Auto Safety Standards
Background on Hawaii Statehood Bill
Civil Rights
Coal Research Veto
Congress Admits Hawaii as 50th State
Congressional View of Supreme Court Improved in 1959
D. C. Home Rule
Drydock Insurance
Federal Elections Bill
Federal-State Commission
Final Alaska Statehood Action
Fishing Vessel Subsidies
Highway Program
Illinois Land Purchase
Lake Michigan Water
Library of Congress
Mallory Rule
Nepotism Charges
Obscene Mail
Political Broadcasts
Preemption Doctrine
Public Buildings Act
Reorganization Act
Rio Grande Project
Rural Electrification
San Luis Project
Sea Transportation
Senate Payrolls
Senate Rules Change
Space Funds Authorized
Trinity River Project
TVA Revenue Bonds
Unemployment Study
Water Pollution