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 1956 - 84th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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1955 Political Spending Reviewed
1956 Bills Acted On – Agriculture
1956 Bills Acted On – Education and Welfare
1956 Bills Acted On – Foreign Policy
1956 Bills Acted On – Labor
1956 Bills Acted On – Military and Veterans
1956 Bills Acted On – Miscellaneous and Administrative
1956 Bills Acted On – Taxes and Economic Policy
1956 Bills Introduced – Taxes and Economic Policy
1956 Bills Introduced - Agriculture
1956 Bills Introduced - Appropriations
1956 Bills Introduced - Education and Welfare
1956 Bills Introduced - Foreign Policy
1956 Bills Introduced - Labor
1956 Bills Introduced - Military and Veterans
1956 Bills Introduced - Miscellaneous and Administrative
1956 Democratic Convention
1956 Presidential Nominations
1956 Republican Convention
20 House Seats Change Parties in 1956 Election
23 Bills Vetoed in 1956
85th Congress Potpourri
Air Power Hearings
Al Sarena Mines
Aviation Hearings
Bills Acted On – Appropriations
Campaign Spending Survey
Congressional Districts Having at Least 1,000 Steel workers
Congressional Reaction to the President's Farm Message
Congressional Spending for Probes Sets Record
Corrupt Practices Probe
Democrats Add to Their Governorships
Democrats Adopt Platform by Voice Vote
Economic Report
Eisenhower Asks for Changes in Immigration Law
Eisenhower's State of The Union Message
Eisenhower-Nixon Re-Elected, Democrats Keep Congress
GAO Functions as Auditor for Congress
Gas Lobbyists Plead Guilty, Fined $2,500 Each
Government Information
Greater Tax Receipts, Spending Forecast for Fiscal '57
High But ‘Tamer’ Prosperity Predicted for 1956
Hodge Embezzlement
Hoffman Confirmation
House Membership in The 85th Congress 234 Democrats, 201 Republicans Elected
How Lobbies Fared in 84th Congress
Internal Security
Kefauver Wins Vice President Nomination on 2nd Ballot
Legislation Acted On or Submitted in 1956
Lobby Spending Goes Up in 1955
New Lobbyists Push 10-Year Total to 3,273
Nickel Project Probe
Party Division of House in 85th Congress
Permanent Investigations
President Calls for ‘Further’ Health Steps
President Elected with Opposing Congress
President Outlines 9-Point Farm Program
President Proposes Five-Year School Program
President Seeks $4.9 Billion Foreign Aid Program
Prospects Of Commercial Atomic Energy
Public Power Reports
Railroads Lead Lobbyists in Mid-1956
Registrations By Lobbyists
Republicans Adopt Platform by Voice Vote
Rural and Urban Forces in Congress
Senate Membership in The 85th Congress
Sobeloff Confirmation
State Breakdown of Political Spending
State Votes for The Democratic Presidential Candidate
Steel, Autoworkers' Districts
Tariff Commission
Three Senate Candidates Win Elections for Short Terms
Two Reports on Federal Security Program
U-235 Released for Reactor Development
Un-American Activities
Where Does Negro Voter Strength Lie?