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 1953 - 83rd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous and Administrative
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Acting Attorney General
Agriculture Reorganization
Airmail Subsidy
Alaskan Statehood
Alien Property Investigation
Bills To Restrict Obscene Matter
Bonn Housing Investigation
Bramblett Indicted
Campaign Spending Limit Increase?
Compact Approved
Condon Explains Security Bar
Congressional Staff Pension
Contempt Citations
Customs Law Simplified
D.C. Daylight Time
D.C. Delegate, Home Rule
Defense Department
Defense Mobilization
Economic Council
Elect House Speaker
Emergency Powers
Equal Rights
Export-Import Bank
Federal Judgeships
Flag Display
Flammable Fabrics
Foreign Aid Information
Foundations Probe
Government Study Commission
Hawaiian Statehood
Health, Education, Welfare Department
House Increases Committee Seats
Impeachment Move
Internal Security Investigation
Investigations Subcommittee
Justice Department Investigations
Leave Payments
Lurid Books Study
McCarthy-Benton Report
McMillan Acquitted
Miscellaneous and Administrative 1953: Bills Acted On
New Mexico Election Probe
Occupation Currency
Ohio Statehood
Other Election Probes
Postal Rates
President's Reorganization Plans
Presidential Vetoes
Probe FBI Aid In Denver Case
Recess Roll Call
Reorganization Authority
Salaries Commission
Senate Committee Membership
Senate, House Vote on Rules
Standards Bureau Probe
Un-American Activities
Undersecretary of State
Waterfront Crime Investigation
Withholding Tax
Witness Immunity