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 1952 - 82nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 9 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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“Tidelands” Oil Measure Vetoed
'Fair Trade' Price Pacts
Air Line Subsidies
Aluminum Study
Boyle - Gabrielson Criticized
Cheatham Dam
Collbran Project
Columbia River Pact
Controls Report
Defense Production Act Amendments Of 1952
Delaware River Port Authority
Economic Reports
Excess Depreciation Deductions
Fats And Oils Import Ban
Federal Aid To Roads
Flood Control Report
Hell's Canyon
Import Duties Suspensions
Insurance Taxes
McDonald Nomination
N.Y. Port Authority
Natural Gas
Red Cross Benefits
RFC Reorganization
Rubber Act Extension
Seaward Boundaries
SEC Investigation
Shipbuilding Aid
Small Business Investigations
St. Lawrence Seaway Bill Recommitted
Steel Plant Seizure
Surplus Tanker Transactions
Tax Collection Investigation
Taxes and Economic Policy 1952: Bills Acted On
Tuna Duty Rejected
Water Research