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 1952 - 82nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous and Administrative
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Alaska, Hawaii Statehood
Alien Property Probe
Campaign Spending Investigation
Civil Rights Bills - - FEPC And Cloture
Communications Act Revision
Contempt Citations
Crimes In Planes
Customs Simplification
D. C. Recorder
D.C. Crime Probe
D.C. Fast Time
D.C. Gas Tax
D.C. Home Rule
Election Probes
Election Reforms
Emergency Powers Continuation Act
Federal Judgeships
Foundations Study
Government Reorganization
Influence Sellers
Internal Revenue Bureau Revamped
Internal Security Probe
Japanese Americans
Job Investigations
Justice Department Investigations
Lease - Purchase Agreements
McCarthy-Benton Conflict
McGranery Nomination
Miscellaneous and Administrative 1952: Bills Acted On
Morals Probes
Post Card Surcharge
Presidential Vetoes
Private Bills
Puerto Rican Constitution
Recess Motion
Repayment Contracts
Retirement Pay
Sailor Vindicated
Senate Overrides Claims Bill Veto
Senate, House Both Change Committee Names
Televised Hearings
Trucking Rules
Un-American Activities