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 1951 - 82nd Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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1951 Presidential Nominations
Bills Introduced – Agriculture
Bills Introduced – Appropriations
Bills Introduced – Education & Welfare
Bills Introduced – Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced – Labor
Bills Introduced – Military & Veterans
Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous & Administrative
Bills Introduced – Taxes & Economic Policy
Campaign for the House – 1952
Changes in 82nd Congress, First Session
Committees of the 82nd Congress
Congressional Quarterly Lobby Registrations
Congressional Seniority
Fight for Senate Control – 1952
Legislation Submitted in 1951
Lobby Withdrawals
Other Nominations
Platforms vs. Performance
Roundup of 1950 Lobby Spending
Senate Election Lineup – 1952
Truman Versus Taft
Truman-Taft Stands – Point By Point
What It Cost to Elect 82nd Congress