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 1949 - 81st Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 9 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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Airlines Investigation
Alaska Power
American River Basin
Atomic Energy
Basing Points
Boyd Nomination
Carson Nomination
Central Arizona Project
Cigarette Tax
Clayton Act
Columbia Valley Administration
Congressional Quarterly Polls
Contract Settlement
Credit Controls
Economic Investigations
Economic Policy
Excise Taxes
FCC Amendment
Federal Public Buildings
Fish Conservation Veto
Flood Control, Rivers and Harbors
Food Prices Probe
Fur Labeling
General Tax Policies
ICC Amendment
Inland Waterways
Internal Revenue Code
Life Insurance Investigation
Major Actions
Maritime Investigations
Missouri Valley Authority
Monopoly Hearings
National Minerals Act of 1949
Natural Gas
Olds Rejection
Other Laws Enacted
Other Tax Legislation
Power Policy
Public Works Planning
Rent Control Extension
RFC Problems
Royalty Oil Premium Payments
Scrap Metal Duties
Shipping Subsidies
Small Business Reports
Summary of Action
Taxes and Economic Policy 1949: Summary of Legislation
Taxes On Cooperatives
Technical Information
Voluntary Agreements
Wallgren Nomination
Water Compacts