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 1945 - 79th Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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Congressional Quarterly's Lobby Roundup
Congressonal Quarterly Poll
Message to Congress: Truman on Control of the Atomic Bomb
Message to Congress: Truman on Presidential Succession
Message to Congress: Truman On the Progress of the War
Message to Congress: Truman on Unemployment Compensation
Message to Congress: Truman on United Nations Charter
Message to Congress: Truman Proposes National Health Program
Message to Congress: Truman Urges Funds for Unrra
Message to Congress: Truman's First Message to Congress, April 16, 1945
Message to Congress: Truman's Point System for Release of Veterans
Message to Congress: Truman's Post-War Policy
Message to Congress: Truman's Request for Authority to Reorganize Executive Agencies
Roosevelt's Budget Message (excerpts)
Roosevelt's Message on Bretton Woods Agreement
Roosevelt's Message on Food and Agriculture Organization
Roosevelt's Message on Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Roosevelt's Message on the State of the Union, January 6, 1945 (Excerpts)