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 Water Projects
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$817 Million Authorized For Water Projects1963
40 Rivers and Harbors Projects Authorized1966
Aiding California's Water Supply2004
Army Civil Functions1952
Army Civil Functions1951
Army Civil Functions1949
Biennial Water-Projects Measure Clears1988
Both Chambers Advance Water Bills2013
Carter Water Policy, Projects Proposed1978
Congress Authorizes $2 Billion in New Water Projects1965
Congress Authorizes 199 Water Projects1962
Congress Clears Omnibus Water Projects Bill1986
Congress Sidesteps Regional Fight, Clears Flood Control And Water Projects Bill1999
Cost-Sharing Rules Set for Water Project Recreation1965
Debate Over Corps Management Lingers2005
House Passes Omnibus Water Resources Bill1985
Katrina Exposes Army Corps' Flaws2006
New Water Project Funds1983
Northeast Drought1965
Omnibus Water Project Bill Dies in Senate1984
Omnibus Water Projects Bill Starts Moving1983
Rivers and Harbors1957
Rivers and Harbors Authorization Bill1946
Rivers and Harbors Authorization Bill1946
Rivers, Harbors Authorization1968
Rogue River Project1954
Small Irrigation Projects1966
Small Water Projects1975
Sun River Project1953
Trinity River1955
Veto Cuts Cost of Flood Control Bill1958
Water Policy Reform1980
Water Policy Reform1979
Water Projects1960
Water Projects1967
Water Projects Bill Cleared1996
Water Projects Bill Dries Up2004
Water Projects Compromise Reached1977
Water Projects Scrapped1981
Water Projects Trimmed To Satisfy Bush1990