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 Violence Against Women and Children
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
VAWA Runs into Stumbling Blocks2012
Rape Victim Privacy1978
Protecting Children From Crime2003
House Targets Crimes Against Kids2002
Domestic-Violence Law Is Renewed2013
Domestic Violence1978
Domestic Violence1979
Conservatives Kill Domestic Violence Bill1980
Combating Child Abuse1988
Child-Abuse Prevention1989
Child-Abuse Bill1987
Child Abuse: $85-Million for Prevention and Treatment1973
Child Abuse, Adoption Act1978
Child Abuse, Adoption1977
Child Abuse, ‘Baby Doe' Legislation Cleared1984
Child Abuse Funds1984
Child Abuse Bill Passed1985
Child Abuse Bill Cleared1986
Both Chambers Take Action To Criminalize Possession, Sales of ‘Date Rape’ Drugs1999
Bills Introduced To Stop Violence Against Women1991
Bill To Deter Sex Violence1990
Anti-Crime Package Seeks To Protect Women and Children From Violence2000