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 U.S. Territories
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Virgin Islands1949
Civil Government For Guam1950
Puerto Rico Constitution1950
Puerto Rican Constitution1952
Hawaiian Statehood1953
Hawaii-Alaska Statehood1954
Hawaii-Alaska Statehood1955
Statehood Considered by Congress Since 19471957
Congress Admits Alaska as 49th State1958
Pacific Trust Territory1962
Puerto Rico Status1963
Puerto Rico Commission1964
Pacific Trust Territories1967
Virgin Islands Governor1967
Guam Governor1968
Virgin Islands Governor1968
Pacific Trust Territories1971
Pacific Trust Territory1972
Pacific Trust Territory1973
Mariana Islands1976
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Guam, Virgin Island Payments1978
Presidential Statement: Carter's Territorial Policy1980
Aliens in Virgin Islands1981
Virgin Islands Constitution1981
Aliens in Virgin Islands1982
Puerto Rico Cruises1984
Micronesia Compact1985
Palau Independence Dispute1988
Hill Approves Measure On Palau Autonomy1989
Palauans Reject Charter on Autonomy1990
Puerto Rico's Status Remains Unresolved1990
No Progress Made on Puerto Rico Plebiscite1991
House Narrowly Supports Puerto Rico Plebiscite; Senate Takes No Action1998
Congress Agrees to Help Puerto Rico With Its Serious Financial Problems2016